RIDING FREE - Recovery Ministry

Our recovery program is being very successful and we are being asked to provide it in other areas. Most people thing of ‘recovery’ as only from alcohol and drugs but the real meaning is:

Recovery-The entire process of healing from the painful effects of dysfunctional behavior. God created us with a glorious purpose, which sin warped and twisted, resulting in the loss of our innocence, purpose, dignity, and relationships to God and to others. Recovery is the process of restoring what sin took away.

This program covers addictions, co-dependency and abuse issues.

Requirements for Recovery

  • Knowledge - As you understand yourself better, you can apply biblical truth to your deepest needs, hurts & desires.
  • Relationships - Growth occurs in an atmosphere of love & encouragement. Seek the support of others.
  • Spirituality - As you examine God's truths & begin to experience His forgiveness & strength, you will grow in understanding of His character & His purposes in your life. You will gain a new attitude about accepting others & about sharing yourself with them.
  • Time Recovery - is a process. Lasting change won't occur overnight. The real process of growth is long, slow & steady. Be patient with yourself & others.

We want to invite you on this journey of healing, discovery and recovery with us and God. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide. We are simply here to share our own stories, what we have learned and what God did when we became "willing to be made willing" and submitted to His leading.

We do not presume to have reached the top of the mountain yet but our journey is now one of JOY and we delight in sharing it with others. We are here to encourage you to keep on with your journey and to share some skills and tools that may help you as they did us.

We are not here to "fix" you or "rescue" you. We are here to tell you that with God, and the support of others you can do the work to heal and live an abundant life.

Please remember: Be safe, keep your safety and well being as well as that of others in mind as you apply these concepts to your own life.

Ride with Jesus and ride with JOY!
Linda Grajewski

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