What Women Say...
  • “Thank you! I’ve found peace, learning to forgive. You taught me how to find my strength to not give up!” V.K.
  • “Thank you for all of the information you have taught us. Made me see life in a new way and I pray that I will be strong to teach my children and others.” W.F. 
  • “I want to thank you for everything. I have been saved and received Jesus Christ in my life. I have changed my way of thinking and my way of life.” D.L.
  • “I’m glad to honestly say I ended up here in jail. This incident awakened me spiritually. I knew I was on a path to destruction and your program helped me realize it. I have a lot to lose in my life. Now I need to invite the Lord into my life to live a new world. I want so badly to change my negative lifestyle to a positive life not only for myself but my children’s life and my family. I’m grateful for your program because for many years I was searching for the Great One above. Today I believe I finally found Him through this fun and beautiful program. I know my journey will not be easy but I ask for your prayers.” J.E.
  • “The teachings helped me to understand the Lord in ways I didn’t understand. The testimonies I’ve heard encouraged me to want to serve and praise the Lord and to become a better person for my family, myself and others.” D.Y.
  • “This experience with Gaits to Heaven made me realize I can do it. Be sober again…I feel strong again.” F.B.
  • “Enjoyed the handouts, enjoyed the music, prayer, testimonies. All were given in a good way and I learned the art of letting go and allowing myself to feel normal and that I am never alone.” N.L.
  • “Awesome! So glad I came. A wonderful, wonderful blessing to us all. Thank you so very much. May the Lord continue to use you mightily!” T.C.
  • “In the two days my son was at Horse & Bible Camp he has been talking a lot about God and who God is. Please pray for him as I know he is starting to reach out for God.”?
What the Children Say...
  • “It made me so happy and fun and cool”
  • “It felt fun and I had fun with you and I hope I see you again”
  • “It made me happy”
  • “It feels very fun and I made a lot of friends”
  • “I like it and I like to listen”
  • "I am happy because it was fun riding horse and arts and craft and Bible Study…it was fun”
  • “Awesome because I got to do something new this summer”
  • "It is fun and exciting to learn about Jesus”
  • "It was fun and interesting and wonderful and I met new friends too”
  • "Fun to learn about God and horses”
  • "Iit meant to me joy and kindness to me and others at camp. I really enjoyed it”
  • "Camp meant a lot to me, it is the best choice.”
  • "Everyone likes me and they treat me like my Mom.”
  • “Come back.”
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