The Ministry of the Horse
All volunteer ministry, NAMB approved, 501c3

home-imagePlease let me introduce you to the work God has given me, “Gaits to Heaven-The Ministry of the Horse”. My name is Linda Foust Grajewski, and horses have made my life healthier and happier. They have also helped me understand and connect with our Creator in a very personal way.

“It has been clinically proven that just being in the vicinity of horses changes our brainwave patterns”, says Franklin Levinson. “They have a calming effect which helps stop people becoming fixated on past or negative events.”  EFT (equine facilitated learning) has proven to be particularly useful for children with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorders – all of whom may find it difficult to communicate, interact with other people, and carry out instructions.

The results are startling. Even those showing severe anti-social and aggressive behavior become calmer and more communicative.  From: Horse Therapy – Changing Lives, by Julie Brown, “Your Horse Magazine”

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